Sharing the Faith

In Acts 8:26-39, we hear about Philip, who was named as deacon along with Stephen. Philip is given direction by an angel to go into the wilderness. There is no one for miles. It is a deserted road. On this road, he meets an Ethiopian eunuch who is the royal treasurer. He was travelling in his chariot and reading the scroll of Isaiah but he doesn’t understand it.

As Philip listens outside the carriage he is moved to speak to the eunuch. They spend time together and the eunuch is moved by what Philip says to him. The eunuch is baptized by Philip. The eunuch understood that he couldn’t learn and understand the faith by himself. He needed someone to teach him and help him to understand.

W510 - picture009 - CopyWe cannot learn the faith by ourselves. We need each other to help us learn and grow. That’s one of the reasons we always baptize in community—because we recognize that parenting and raising children in the faith is difficult. We invite families to choose God parents whose primary role is to encourage and nurture children and their parents in deepening their faith. As a faith community, we commit to supporting individuals as they grow in faith. We learn about our own faith as we worship and other times when we talk together can be even more powerful for deepening our experience of faith. Bible study, children’s programs and even moments of pastoral care can be powerful experiences of learning the faith.

Learning the faith is not something that stops when we become adults. It is something that should be an on-going part of our lives until the moment of our death when we discover what comes next. The eunuch was curious about a faith he knew nothing about and was drawn into learning. That learning was transformative for him. Learning with others needs to shape our own faith. saturday worship 4

Sometimes we are hesitant to share our faith with others. Maybe they don’t think like us and will disagree with us. Maybe we worry that someone won’t like us any more. Religion was on the list of things to not talk about when I was growing up but we need to get over this discomfort of speaking about our faith with others. Philip didn’t wait until he knew the eunuch well. He didn’t wait to find out where he had been worshiping. Instead he approached and said, “can we talk?”

We need to be bold in talking with others about our faith. There are many different kinds of Christianity. I believe that the world needs to hear a message of faith that holds rationality and mystery in tension. The world needs to hear a message that is inclusive and welcoming. The world needs to hear a message of faith grounded in compassion and love. This is a gift that we have to share with the world and the world needs this message. We need to be bold in sharing our faith, speaking truth and offering hope in a hurting world.

As we learn, we find the boldness and confidence we need. As we speak and proclaim the gospel we continue to be shaped in the spirit of Christ. We are transformed and the world is transformed.


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