Good Friday

Some reflections on Good Friday:

“What is Truth?”

Jesus says “I was born into the world for one purpose – to bear witness to the truth. Everyone who seeks truth hears my voice.” Pilate responds “Truth, What is truth?” What is the truth Jesus bears? It depends on your perspective.

Truth:  God’s saves only those who believe in Jesus.

Truth:  God’s saves everyone – all people and all creation.

Truth:  Jesus is the only way to know God.

Truth:  Jesus is one way of knowing God.

Truth: Jesus died for our sins.

Truth:  Jesus died because of sin.

Truth:  Jesus came to show us how to get to heaven.

Truth:  Jesus came to show us how to live.

 Depending who you talk to all these are true.  What is your truth?


Good Friday Reminds us that it is painful to watch someone or something that we love die. It marks the end of love, of hopes of dreams. It puts our whole world into chaos and questions everything we knew to be certain. As we stand at the foot of the cross and watch Jesus die, we look around the world and see death and violence around us too. And Jesus tells us that he will live again. Do you believe that life can follow death?


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